Our three-year-old program gives children their first look into the fundamentals of kindergarten preparation with an array of exploratory learning and investigative activities. Our teachers use the Houghton Mifflin Pre-K Curriculum to teach reading, writing, and math. Fun and learning come together as kids learn and explore through outside play, use of computers, science stations, dramatic play, and much more!

Preschoolers, like all children, are eager to learn and explore the world around them. Our job as adults is to facilitate that learning by introducing them to experiences and ideas that spur their curiosity and build off their own interests. If you’d like to learn more, visit our philosophy page or get in touch with our Kids Villa Learning Center Professionals!

Houghton Mifflin Pre-K Curriculum 

Here at Kids Villa Learning Center, we utilize Creative Curriculum for all of our pre-K classrooms and tailor the curriculum specific to the age group. In our threes classroom, we provide integrated learning opportunities based on a thematic approach. Each day, children in our child care centers are introduced to math, literacy, science, and the arts in a way that feels like play. Play is purposeful, and we give children in our threes classroom access to hands-on materials that they can use to explore and understand the theme for that unit. If you’d like to learn more about our threes classroom curriculum, and how it fits within the curriculum for our other classrooms, contact us

Curricular Areas

Three-year-olds are growing and developing every day, and at a pace that can be hard to keep up with! You’ve probably been measuring your child’s milestones since the day they were born, and while your child is in our threes classroom we’ll be fostering their development in the following curricular areas:

  • Physical Development
  • Social & Emotional Development
  • Language & Literacy Development 
  • Logic & Reasoning
  • Creative Expression
  • Science Knowledge & Skills
  • Social Studies Knowledge & Skills

Communication with Parents 

Communication with parents remains a key element of the program. A daily report is posted on the Parent Board explaining what the children did and learned that day. Weekly lesson plans are also posted. Each child has a folder where parents can find and take home examples of the children’s work. We’re committed to enhancing our families’ knowledge of child development along with keeping you in the loop about how your child is doing in our day care!

Our Learning Center Locations

We have three different learning center locations, so that you can find child care near you! You can schedule a tour of our facilities in Germantown, Waring Station Road, or Urbana.