Learning doesn’t just happen in the learning center classroom! Along with our high-quality child care, Kids Villa also offers extracurricular activities to allow kids to explore other subjects and activities in more depth than the daily child care center schedule allows. Each of our three locations — Germantown, Urbana, and Waring Station Road — offer their own extracurricular activities, so be sure to talk with the center your child is enrolled at to learn more.

Benefits of Extracurriculars

Getting your child involved with extracurriculars gives them a chance to explore and discover interests that are simply not possible in day-to-day classroom activities. While we pride ourselves on offering a wide variety of activities here at our child care center, extracurriculars allow kids to have space and time to dive more deeply into an area of their interest. Whether you’re looking for Spanish lessons or physical activity like soccer, we’ve got what you’re looking for! Get in touch with a director at one of our three learning centers, in German Town, Urbana, or Waring Station Road today to learn more!

Extracurricular options (vary depending on location)

Kids Villa Learning Center 

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