At Kids Villa, we are dedicated to providing quality care and learning to every child who comes through our day care centers’ doors. Our qualified and experienced teachers help to create an environment that promotes early learning in all areas of development. Every day is filled with fun, age-appropriate activities that cover language arts, reading, math, social studies, science, art, music, and physical fitness. Kids Villa Germantown, Kids Villa Urbana, and Kids Villa Waring Station Road are proud to be a partner in the care and education of your child!

Our Philosophy

Our philosophy begins with the motto “All Children Can Learn!” Our preschool programs are built on the foundation that every child can and will learn, although not always in precisely the same way. As educators, it is our responsibility to be relentless in the search for what works with each child, helping him or her reach their fullest potential.

At all of our Kids Villa Learning Center locations, we use curriculum approved by the Maryland State Department of Education and developmentally appropriate practices to help children learn and grow. The Success for All Curriculum (ages 4-5) and the Creative Curriculum (ages 2-3) supports our teachers in identifying and implementing strategies designed to reach every student.

At Kids Villa Learning Center, we are dedicated to providing a full array of supports that will help every child in their own unique way. We embrace and celebrate the diversity of all children ethnically, racially, linguistically, mentally, physically, and developmentally at our child care centers.

Kids Villa Learning Center believes that parental involvement lies at the heart of every child’s development, and that it is essential to keep the channels of communication open at all times. We strive to build strong relationships with parents and believe that this collaboration is the key to providing a happy and healthy child care environment.

Strategies we use to encourage parent involvement include participation in field trips, classroom volunteering, parent conferences, monthly family-center events, Career Day, Grandparents Day, Back to School Night, free parent workshops, and a Parent Advisory Committee, which gives parents input on our preschool and child care program operations.