What High-Quality Child Care Looks Like

A learning center is worlds away from a nanny or babysitter. We understand that high-quality child care can be expensive — which is why we work to make our services as affordable as possible — but child care is also an investment. At each of our three Kids Villa Learning Centers, in Germantown, Waring Station Road, and Urbana, we have a clear, evidence-based vision of what a high-quality programming and curriculum looks like. If you’d like more in-depth information about our programs, goals, and objectives, get in touch today!

Children learn best when they are engaged in activities that are fun, interesting, and creative. In our learning centers, children are growing and developing in a variety of ways every single day, including:

  • Social and emotional development – compromise, play with peers, make decisions on their own.
  • Language and cognitive skills – a learning center is a language-rich environment, and our teachers are continually engaging students by asking questions, introducing new vocabulary, reading books, and singing.
  • Pre-math and pre-literacy skills – our curriculum includes introducing math and literacy in ways that are age-appropriate and through engaging activities.
  • Behavior management – learning patience and taking turns.
  • Self-confidence – in our childcare center, children learn to do things for themselves, without the help of their parents, and they take pride in tasks like helping in the classroom, taking off their shoes, and washing their hands.

Kids Villa Learning Center

Here at our child care center, we believe that caring and learning go hand in hand. And when you visit one of our child care centers in Germantown, Waring Station Road, and Urbana, you can experience the Kids Villa Learning Center difference yourself. Schedule a tour today!